Diet for Avoiding Lupus Nephritis

Diet for Avoiding Lupus Nephritis---Some fruits are good for the Lupus Nephritis:

1.Bananas are an efficient remedy for Lupus Nephritis owing to their low protein and salt, and high carbohydrate happy. A did of bananas merely should be taken for three or four days, overwhelming eight to nine bananas a day in the action of this disease.

2.The employ of carrot juice is one of the most efficient home remedies for nephritis. One glass of carrot juice, varied with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of fresh lime Juice, should be taken each day, primary thing in the morning.

3.Avocados are precious as a clip food in nephritis. The value of this fruit arises from its big mineral and little protein contents.

4.Tender coconut water is one more outstanding remedy for this disease. The water of one green tender coconut can be taken helpfully once or two times a day. It acts as an enormously effectual but safe diuretic in the treatment of nephritis.

5.Grapes are an outstanding remedy for acute and chronic nephritis. They possess an outstanding diuretic worth on explanation of their high contents of water and potassium salt. Their price in kidney troubles like nephritis is improved by their low albumin and sodium chloride happy.

6.The safest treatment for sharp nephritis is quick on vegetable juices for seven to ten days. This will take away the toxins and systemic contamination responsible for the provocative kidney situation.

Diet for Avoiding Lupus Nephritis---vegetable:

7.The patient should keep away from vegetables hold large quantities of oxalic acid, such as spinach and rhubarb. Chocolate and cocoa hold oxalic acid and must not be taken. Ordinary salt should be getting rid of from the diet. Five or six little meals should be taken in favorite to little large ones.

8.After that, the patient may slowly adopt a well-balanced, low-protein vegetarian diet. additional juice fasts of short period and a limited diet for a week should be take on at gap of two or three months awaiting such time as the kidney situation shows symbols of normalization.


Is there Better Treatment of Children Purpura Nephritis

Children Purpura Nephritis is charactered with extensive capillary inflammation caused by allergic reaction. Clinical manifestation can be blood urine, proteinuria, purpura, arthralgia, stomachache, etc. If Children Purpura Nephritis is not effectively treated, blood urine or proteinuria can repeat, the injured kidney will be further damaged or even cause Renal Syndrome, Chronic Renal Failure. So once children are diagnosed with Children Purpura Nephritis, they should be effectively treated timely.
When Purpura Nephritis children patients are attacked by infection, it can easily cause the reappearance of blood urine or proteinuria. This is because Purpura Nephritis children patients have a low resistance, when they are infected, the immune complex can deposite on mesangial cell of the glomerular capillary and activate addiment, which causes the hyperplasia and proliferation of mesangial cell. Consequently, it ruins mesangial cell's function of cytophagy, filtration barrier. As a result, protein in blood will run into urine and be discharged with it, representing proteins' plus of urine test.
The common treatment of Children Purpura Nephritis is Western Medicine such as Hormone or immunosuppressant. Although the treatment can treat the disease with obvious effect in clinic, if the medicine of hormone or immunosuppressant is taken for a long term, it can cause great side-effect to children such as low resistance, side-effects on children growth and development. Besides, it can not repair the injured mesangial cell or eliminate the immune complex deposited on mesangial cell. So once Purpura Nephritis children patients are not effectively treated of the damaged mesangial cell, when they are infected once again, blood urine or proteinuria can reappear. Then, how to effectively treat Children Purpura Nephritis?
The proper treatment of Children Purpura Nephritis should not only treat the symptoms but also repair the damaged mesangial cell. It is suggested to treat this disease with Micro-Chinese Medicine and Immunotherapy.
Micro-Chinese Medicine is a kind of herb medicine. It is super finely shattered in order to make active ingredients of it more easily to permeate into body. By the external application of osmosis devices, active ingredients directly permeate into body. When active ingredients of Micro-Chinese Medicine enter into body through blood circulation, it can repair the damaged mesangial cell, degrade immune complex and play a role in anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, which provides a better internal environment for Immunotherapy.


Naturopathic Treatments for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Naturopathic treatments offer a holistic approach to treat Polycystic Kidney Disease with a very minor use of pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. They go after the source of PKD, instead of just treating symptoms. With this integral modality of medicine, patients can live a normal lifestyle.

Here are some natural treatment approaches that we suggest to help people with PKD:

▪ Do not smoke or drink alcohol, coffee or soft drinks.

▪ Exercise daily and get outside for fresh air.

▪ Prevent catching a cold or getting an infection, which may aggravate the renal injury.

▪ Have a good control of blood pressure and delay the renal function deterioration and prevent complications.

▪ Be careful about oral hygiene after meals. Eliminate bad breath so as to reduce nausea and prevent molds and the increase of bacteria.

▪ The disease may be exacerbated with stress and anxiety, so mind-body techniques such as meditation, tai chi, yoga, and stress management may help prevent it.

▪ Drinking waster and transitioning to a low-protein, low-sodium diet also may slow the effects of hypertension.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture for treating PKD

Traditional Chinese medicine is very effective in treating PKD. Usually, we use a innovative herbal therapy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to stop the growth of renal cysts and shrink them over time. Besides, this remedy can protect the residual kidney function and repair the impaired kidneys.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of sterilized fine steel needles at specific points in the body in order to stimulate the function of internal organs. It can work to adjust the blood circulation, thus alleviating pain and improving the disease condition.

Naturopathic treatments for PKD provided by our kidney experts aim for the complete elimination of the root cause of the disease. If you would like to know more, please email us kidneyfailurecn@hotmail.com .


Patient's experience—CKD stage 4 and Immunotherapy

A patient admitted in Kidney Disease Hospital in Jan 2012 diagnosed with CKD stage 4 (i. e. Chronic Kidney Failure). By running routine lab tests, such as blood tests, urine tests and blood fat etc. We found that his CKD was caused by his years of high blood pressure. A series of special tests were arranged too, which accurately indicate some more detailed data. This patient, after receiving our holistic treatment plan, regained 30% of his kidney function. Here’s a introduction of how and why we can treat him well.

We benefited by our lab tests. From routine lab tests, we found the patient’s CKD was induced by high blood pressure, and then Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was used to deal with his years of hypertension. His renal intrinsic cells were seriously damaged by studying the data of special tests—seven tests for uremia. Micro-molecular, moderate and macro-molecular harmful substances significantly injure his kidneys and lead to his decreased mental sharpness. Heart function was also involved from the data of nt-probnp and troponin. What’s more? The patient could attack heart failure any time from data we collected. Besides, IgG (immunoglobulin G) began to decrease signaling weakened immunity and more importantly, the root cause of his hyperactive inflammatory response is IgG, its type is humoral immune reaction. alexin C3 reduces due to inflammatory response consuming a large amount of alexin C3.

From our accurate test reports, detailed treatment plan was chalked out. Firstly, we gave him Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to lower down his high blood pressure. What’s the point of doing that? Stop further damages from hypertension. Meanwhile, Immunotherapy was adopted to treat his CKD stage 4. Immune clearance followed closely after lab tests so as to remove those toxins buildup in body. Plasma exchange was given after internal environment was created. Plasma exchange aims at removing circulating immune complexes in blood stream, by doing so, to lay solid foundation for further treatment.

Western medicines were adopted to block hyperactive inflammatory response. What’s the point? Lead patient to immune tolerance. What is that? Allow immune complexes to live well with one’s immune system in order to stop further damages temporarily. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in conjunctive with Maikangheji (a kind of Chinese medicine created by us) are used to not just treat high blood pressure, but improve blood circulation, hope by doing so, to remove in situ immune complexes in kidneys. Meanwhile, western medicines are used so as to boost best possible therapeutic effects.


Tonsillectomy for IgA Nephropathy: Does It Work

IgA Nephropathy has a close connection with tonsil. Tonsillitis occurs before the onset of the disease. So some patients thought performing a tonsillectomy may be able to help a lot. Is that true?

Tonsillitis leads to the production of a great deal of IgA. Certainly, lots of immune complexes will be reduced accordingly. So technically, performing tonsillectomy helps slow down its progression. However, the surgery doesn’t work for all the Berger’s Disease patients, meaning it depends on every single patient’s illness condition and other factors. For patients with mild disease condition, inflammatory response occurs in this stage, that’s why surgery does well. Other then the surgery, reducing inducing factors together with effective treatments, IgA Nephropathy patients are able to receive good effects.

Things changed in patients with moderate and serious illness condition, tonsillectomy receives poor results. This is because kidney fibrosis develops and is able to synthesize toxic substances much more harmful than IgA. Therefore, even the surgery is done, the tonsillitis is removed, the patient’s illness condition won’t get relieved. Get it? In the advanced stage of IgA Nephropathy, tons toxins, wastes and excess fluids accumulating in the body result in much serious results. Since tonsillectomy won’t work, what else can we do? Immunotherapy offers us another chance to fight and try.

When IgA Nephropathy progresses to ESRD or CRF, the focus o treatment should lay on dealing with immune complexes and repair malfunctioned kidneys, which exactly is Immunotherapy good at. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, by dilating blood circulation and removing blood clot etc., could remove in situ immune complexes in kidneys. Blood purification technics are good at eliminating circulating immune complexes. Other adjunctive therapies work for protecting and repair damaged kidneys. By this whole series, the kidney disease can be treated or even corrected.

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